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Open Water training

Dive training is given to partly trained club members by nationally-qualified diving instructors using the current BSAC training syllabus.

The training is provided free of charge, with the only requirement that trainees pay for materials required and as a gesture of goodwill, the instructorsí air costs.

Most open water training takes place at either Guildenburgh Water near Peterborough or Stoney Cove near Hinckley.

We also meet there for practise dives and simply to enjoy ourselves from time to time.

Theory Training

BSAC theory lessons and tests are given during club nights and occasionally during diving expeditions.

BSAC Courses

Members also have access to courses run by the Brtish Sub Aqua Club at regional and national level.

Pool Training

We don't currently have access to a training pool so introductory dive training needs to have been provided by another club or commercial organisation.

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